Pre-conference Workshop

Do Current Standards and Test Methods for Lead-Acid Batteries
Properly Reflect Mico-Hybrid Automotive Duty?


Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Centre, Vienna, Austria

Tuesday, 4 September 2018, 14.00 – 17.00

Chair:  Geoffrey May, FOCUS Consulting

Panel: Eckhard Karden, Ford; Torsten Hildebrandt, Johnson Controls

Facilitator:  David Rand, CSIRO Energy Flagship

The workshop will focus on the development of realistic methods for assessing the technical performance of lead-acid batteries in micro-hybrid duty. There are strong opinions that existing standard protocols do not represent adequately the conditions of use for batteries in actual service and may even inadvertently favour Li-ion batteries. Nonetheless, the protocols may provide a basis for comparing different technologies, designs and battery suppliers. In order to examine this situation in more detail, invited experts will present the key issues and an open discussion will follow to explore how best to demonstrate the credentials of lead-acid batteries and thereby enable the technology to achieve the widest possible application. This action is essential if Li-ion batteries are to be prevented from gaining market share by inadequate consideration of the requirements for effective automotive service – both now and in the future.

The discussions will also consider the issues raised in respect of high-temperature durability tests that are currently being investigated but the broader issues regarding the competitive position of lead-acid batteries will be a key theme of the workshop.

Eckhard Karden will summarise the key issues regarding the use of lead-acid batteries in micro-hybrid applications and future requirements. Torsten Hildebrandt will outline the status of discussions in battery standardisation and how future standards can be adapted to better represent actual operating conditions.

Seminar delegates will receive copies of all presentation materials after the event, together with a summary of the key issues raised in discussion.

The Workshop will be limited in numbers and places will be allocated to the first 70 applicants.


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