Technical Programme

Markets and Trends
Opening Remarks

Andy Bush (International Lead Association, United Kingdom)

Keynote Presentation:
Predicting the Future for Lead-Acid Batteries

David M. Shaffer (EnerSys, United States)

Primary Supply Response to Cool or Kill Upward Lead Price Path?

Neil Hawkes (CRU, United Kingdom)

Battery Market Trends (2017-2025) for Electronic Devices, Automotive and Industrial Applications

Christophe Pillot (Avicenne, France)

Markets and Trends: Innovation for Impact

John Barton (Gridtential, United States)

Global Market Trends for Industrial Lead-Acid Batteries

Nick Starita (Hollingsworth & Vose, United States)

Impact of Automotive Electrification on Lead-Acid Battery Demand

Alexander Nase (FEV Consulting GmbH, Germany)

The Current Market and Demand for Lead–acid Batteries

Hsueh-lung Lu (Mark), Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center and Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan)

How Soon Before EVs have a Material Impact on Lead Demand in Asia?

Huw Roberts (CHR Metals, United Kingdom)

Telling the Story: The Future for Lead Batteries

Hywel Jarman (International Lead Association, United Kingdom)

Lead Battery Technology Roadmap for Sustainable Energy Storage

Norbert Maleschitz (East Penn Manufacturing, United States), Geoffrey May (Focus Consulting), Alistair Davidson (International Lead Association, United Kingdom) and Boris Monahov (Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium, United States)

The ‘extra-carbon effect’: Its functions and management

Pat Moseley (ALABC VP, United Kingdom) and David Rand (CSIRO Energy, Australia)

Latest EU Legislative Developments and Impacts on Development and Manufacturing of Lead-Based Batteries

Rene Schroeder (EUROBAT, Belgium)

New Developments for Automotive Batteries
How to Make High Dynamic Charge-Acceptance a Standard Feature of Automotive Batteries Again?

Eckhard Karden (Ford Research & Innovation Center, Germany)

Improvement of Electrolyte Stratification in Lead-Acid Batteries using Natural Agitation Technology

Jinyong Sim, Jae-eun Jin and Seong-Jin Kim (Hyundai Motor Company, Republic of Korea)

A Novel Carbon Fibre Based Negative Electrode for High DCA and Low Water Consumption: An Update on Technical Progress

Stuart McKenzie (ArcActive, New Zealand)

Separator Characterization – Are We Measuring What is Important to Battery Performance?

Rick Pekala, Robert Waterhouse, C. La, C. Rogers, W. Self and E. Hostetler (ENTEK International LLC, USA)

Automotive Lead-Acid Starter Batteries with Improved Charge-Acceptance

Joern Albers (Johnson Controls Power Solutions EMEA, Germany)

A Re-evaluation of Lead–Acid Battery Side Reactions during Highly Dynamic Duty considering electrodes’ asymmetrical characteristics

Eberhard Meissner (Battery Expert, Germany)

Selection and Addition of Carbon and Expander for Improving Charge-Acceptance and/or Partial State-of-Charge Performance of Lead–Acid Batteries

Jesús Valenciano, Alba Couceiro and Francisco Trinidad (Exide Technologies, Spain)

ALABC Demonstration Vehicle Wrap-up Programme

Allan Cooper (ALABC, United Kingdom)

Advancement in Separator Development for Lead–Acid Batteries Operating under Partial State-of-Charge

Kevin Whear (Daramic, United States)

Future Energy Storage and Electrification in the United Kingdom

John Low (Energy for Low Carbon Vehicles, WMG Energy Innovation Centre, Warwick University, United Kingdom)

Advanced Carbon Additives ― Validation of Performance Benefits from Cell to Battery

Paolina Atanassova (Cabot Corporation, United States)

Understanding the Mechanisms of Additives to Negative Active-Material of Lead–Acid Batteries for Enhancing Micro-Cycling and Dynamic Charge-Acceptance

Boris Steiner, Rainer Wagner and Benjamin Hübner (MOLL Batterien, Germany)

Chemical Treatment of Carbon Materials in Lead-Acid Batteries for Low Water Loss and High Dynamic Charge-Acceptance

Begüm Bozkaya, Jochen Settelein and Henning Lorrmann (Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research, Germany) and Gerhard Sextl (Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research and University of Würzburg, Germany)

Mechanism and Performance of 2nd-Gen UltraBattery for Low-Voltage Hybrid Vehicles

Hideki Hagihara, Tokunori Honma, Tohru Mangahara and Jun Furukawa (The Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd, Japan)

Water Loss Testing on Automotive Lead–Acid Batteries: A Study on Gassing Characteristics in Dynamic Cycling in Comparison to Steady-State Overcharging

Jonathan Wirth (RWTH Aachen University, Germany), Eckhard Karden (Ford Motor Company, Germany), Dirk Uwe Sauer (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)

Correlation of Dynamic Charge-Acceptance and Impedance Spectroscopy

Sophia Bauknecht and Julia Kowa (Department of Electrical Energy Storage Technology, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany), Eckhard Karden (Ford Research & Innovation Center, Germany) and Jochen Settelein (FZEB Frauenhofer-Institut für Silicatforschung ISC, Germany)

Energy Storage and Industrial Batteries
Applying UltraBattery© Technology to Partial State-of-Charge Energy-Storage Applications

John Wood (Ecoult, Australia)

Analysis of Field Operation of Lead-Acid and Lithium Battery Systems for Load Management of an Industrial Consumer

Seul-Ki Kim (Korea Electro-technology Research Institute, South Korea) and Rigyu Song, Jongsu Sim and Heejung Kim (SEBANG GLOBAL BATTERY, South Korea)

Increasing the Energy Throughput from Lead-Acid AGM Batteries by Utilizing Advanced Charge Algorithms

Russell Newnham (Electric Applications Incorporated, United States) and Frank Fleming and B Craft (NorthStar Battery, United States)

Development of the LL-G Series Battery (High Performance Lead Carbon Battery) through Hybrid Projects

Ichiro Shimoura, Ichiro Shimoura and Yoshikazu Hirose (Hitachi-Chemical, Japan)

Investigation on the Mechanisms of Additives in the Active Material of Stationary Lead-Acid Batteries

Paul Wulfert-Holzmann, Jochen Settelein and Gerhard Sextl (Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC, Germany)

Evaluation of the Energy Efficiency of Lead-Acid Batteries for Material-Handling Applications

Johannes Büngeler, Eduardo Cattaneo and Bernhard Riegel (Hoppecke Batterien GmbH & Co KG, Germany)

Increasing the Lifetime Storage Capacity of Lead Batteries through Employing Bipolar Designs to Improve Active Material Utilization

Edward Shaffer (Advanced Battery Concepts LLC, United States)

Increased Cycle-Life Performance of All-Lead-Flow Batteries

Michael Lanfranconi and Hans-Joachim Lilienhof (Westphalian University of Applied Sciences, Germany)

Modelling Compression-Recovery Characteristics of AGM (Absorptive Glass Mat) Separator Led by X-ray Micro-Computational Tomography Investigation

Vijay Kumar (University of Borås, Sweden), P V Kameswara Rao and Krishn Gopal Rajput (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India), Amit Rawal (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India)

Charge Control and String Balancing of AGM Lead-Acid Batteries in Energy-Storage Applications

Frank Fleming (NorthStar Battery, United States)

Charging Strategy for Lead-Acid Batteries in Photovoltaic Energy-Storage ‎Applications

Mahmood Taki (Sepahan Battery Industrial Complex, Iran)

A Novel Technique for Identification and Wireless Data Transfer between Charger and Battery Monitoring System

Malcolm Tabone, Joseph Cilia, Bjoern Mentzer and Andrea Brincat (Abertax Technologies Ltd, Malta)

OPzV Battery Performance in a Stand-alone Solar Hybrid Telecom Application

Mikel Rivas and Maider Usabiaga Carrera (IK4-Ikerlan, Spain)

Technical Innovations
Advanced Lead-Acid Batteries for More Demanding Applications

Boris Monahov (Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium, United States)

Real-time Studies of Sulfate Growth and Dissolution on Negative Electrode Materials Using High Energy X-ray Diffraction

Tim Fister (Argonne National Laboratory, United States)

Micro-alloyed Control of Lead-Acid Battery Active-Materials and Resulting Improvements in Battery Performance through In-Situ Electrochemical Techniques

Matthew Raiford and Timothy Ellis (RSR Technologies, United States)

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopic Investigation of Sulfation during Deep Cycling of VRLA Batteries

Marcel Franke, Christian Barner and Julia Kowal (Technische Universität Berlin, Germany)

Investigation of Impedance Contributions in Bipolar Lead-Acid Batteries

Collin Mui, Dan Moomaw, Steve Hinojosa and John Barton (Gridtential Energy, Inc., United States)

Emerging Issues in Analysis of Materials related to High-Performance Lead-Acid Batteries

Travis Hesterberg and Timothy Ellis (RSR Technologies, United States)

3D Model of the Porous Negative Electrode of the Lead–Acid Battery

Patricio Impinnisi and Juliano de Andrade (Research Institute – LACTEC, Brazil)

Utilizing Taguchi DOE Technique to Improve the Positive Paste Performance with TTBLS Seed Crystals

Marvin Ho, Enqin Gao, Maureen Murphy and Thomas Wojcinski (Hammond Group Inc, United States)


Electronic Gas Analysis System for in-situ Investigation of Gassing and Water Loss

Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Production Technology

Yingming Chen (CEMT, China)

An Ultra-Low Resistance Battery Separator for High Power and Long Life in EFB Applications

George Brilmyer and Jeff Chambers (Microporous LLC, United States)

Upgrades in Efficiency and Process Control on Sovema Wide Strip Casting and Rolling Line

Marcello Fantoni (Sovema Group SpA, Italy)

Improved High Rate Discharge Process and Machine Design

Tony Schröer, Michael Wipperfürth and Walter Wipperfürth (CMWTEC, Germany)

Lead Battery Formation Chargers: SiC Mosfets (Silicon Carbide) Power Conversion Devices, the Next Advancement Beyond SCR & IGBT

Friedrich Grupe (Digatron Power Electronics GmbH, Germany)

Development of New Type of Paste Additives for Enhanced Flooded Batteries

Victor Chen (Shandong University/Shandong Jinkeli Power Sources Technology Co Ltd, China)

The Development of a New Battery Lid for VRLA Batteries

Klaus Dieter Merz, George Schembri, Aaron Farrugia and Joseph Cilia (Abertax Technologies Ltd, Malta)

Deep Cycle Issues – Fast and Reliable Laboratory Investigation Methods

Mateusz Donten (Amer-Sil S.A., Luxembourg)

Premixed expanders for EFB and Standard Lead-Acid Batteries

Melchor Fernandez Garcia, L. Puckett and C. Barreneche (APG (Atomized Products Group), United States)

MOLECULAR REBAR©: Discrete Carbon Nanotube Additives for Advanced Lead-Acid Batteries

Paul Everill, Steven Swogger, Jeremy Meyers and Nanjan Sugumaran (Black Diamond Structures LLC, United States)

Combined Influence of Organic Expander and High Surface-Area Carbon Black on Capacity, Dynamic Charge Acceptance, Cold Cranking and Partial State of Charge Life on Lead-Acid Batteries

Tim McNally, Jeffrey Poirier and Samuel Shafarik (Borregaard LignoTech, USA)

Supplanting Li-Ion Batteries in Motive Power and Energy Storage with Carbon Enhanced Lead Batteries

Aaron Feaver, Adam Strong, Kate Alspaugh and Phil Hamilton (EnerG2 Technologies, United States)

Environmentally Sound Approach for Lead Production

Massimo Maccagni (Engitec Technologies SpA, Italy)

Is a High Loading of Advanced Carbons the Best Solution for EFB Batteries?

Ian Klein (PENOX GmbH, Germany)

New Development Approach of Carbon Black for Advanced Lead-Acid Batteries: From Surface Area to Surface Chemistry

Wei Wei (Orion Engineered Carbons GmbH, Germany)

Improving Flat Plate Electrode Quality – A Three-step Approach

Stephen Mate (Co-efficient Precision Engineering, United States)

An Industry Outlook of the AGM Separator in Various Lead-Acid Battery Applications

Sophia Du (Hua Yang Industry, China)

Designing a Battery with the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Separator

Nicolas Clement (Hollingsworth & Vose Co, United States)

The Effect of Connector Integrity and Design on Modern Lead-Acid Battery Formation

Mark Rigby (UK Powertech Ltd, United Kingdom)

Wirtz Developments in Strip Casting, High Speed Pasting and Platemaking, and Plant Automation

John W Wirtz II (Wirtz Manufacturing, United States)

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