Call for papers

A unique opportunity for international specialists to report on new R&D achievements in the field of lead batteries at the largest global gathering of lead battery experts in 2018

Topics will include but are not limited to:

Consumer requirements for current and future automotive, industrial, utility, smart-grid and renewable energy storage applications.

Achievements in using carbons in lead batteries, and future research directions.

Development of full electrochemical models to simulate processes in carbon enhanced lead batteries.

Additives to the negative or positive active mass or electrolyte.

Gas evolution and water loss in relation to Dynamic Charge Acceptance (DCA) improvements.

Improving lifetimes and deep cycle life of lead batteries for industrial, utility, smart-grid and renewable energy storage applications.

Temperature performance of lead batteries relative to other chemistries.

Harmonisation of testing standards.

Battery testing method improvements.

Battery management system developments and opportunities.

Development and use of advanced analytical techniques, basic science methods and materials engineering for lead battery research.

Future production requirements in terms of quality control, impurities, raw materials, manufacturing and next generation equipment.

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Speaking Opportunities

Prospective presenters are invited to submit a title, preliminary abstract (max 500 words) and biography by 1 December 2017. The abstract must outline the objective of the work, why it is important, the methods utilised, the results and their significance, and include future work directions.


ILA in cooperation with Ecobat Technologies will offer a limited number of student/young person bursaries. Applicants should send a CV and brief abstract to Maura McDermott by 1 December 2017.

Call for papers abstract submission form

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